AMPERE Gestion

AMPERE Gestion was set up in April 2014 by CDC Habitat, a subsidiary of Caisse des Dépôts, and the country’s biggest landlord with a portfolio of 346,000 units of housing in mainland France. It has obtained accreditation from the French financial markets authority (AMF) to act as a portfolio management company.


A portfolio management company with the backing of a heavyweight public financial and real estate group


When managing its regulated real estate funds, AMPERE Gestion is able to leverage the expertise of CDC Habitat and Caisse des Dépôts, especially in the domains of housing, the provision of emergency shelter, hotels, tourism, residential services, public infrastructure, development, real estate portfolio management and services for local authorities.


Thanks to its strategic shareholder, AMPERE Gestion is in a position to:

  • plan its actions over the long term, a natural requirement with real estate investments,
  • provide investors with diversified investment ventures and innovative portfolio management strategies.

As part of this long-term perspective, AMPERE Gestion has devised strict rules for handling conflicts of interest which underpin both the quality and effectiveness of its management strategy.


Expertise that leverages the vast experience and know-how of CDC Habitat and Caisse des Dépôts and their relationship with local and regional authorities


AMPERE Gestion can tap into the core expertise of CDC Habitat and its subsidiaries and that of the entire Caisse des Dépôts network. This strong relationship with operational teams on the ground is a defining feature of AMPERE.

  • It ensures reliability in the investment selection process and in business plan development. AMPERE Gestion can draw upon the renowned expertise of various teams to analyse both the position of an asset and the most effective means of developing it and making it grow.
  • It can tap into a nationwide network in order to source properties and manage them in line with the expectations of local occupants.
  • It also confers our funds with economies of scale and bargaining power when dealing with service providers and stakeholders.

The backing of a nationwide group and the related synergies in terms of expertise help account for the success of the first funds created by AMPERE Gestion. They are also the key to future development.


Financial performance


Since it was created in April 2014, AMPERE Gestion has grown rapidly.

  • It has managed to raise over €2 billion in just 15 months.
  • The first three funds have an investment capacity of €5 billion.

In the course of managing its funds, AMPERE Gestion has demonstrated its ability to deliver target financial performance in line with investment strategy and capital deployment timelines, and the overall business plan.