1. Legal information

Pursuant to Article 6 – III – 1 of French Law No. 2004-575 of 24 June 2004, for building trust in the digital economy, it is hereby stipulated that :

  • The website at is published by AMPERE Gestion, a company headquartered at: 33 avenue Pierre Mendès France 75013 PARIS
  • The website publication manager is Mr Frédéric Fleury, Head of Investment and Asset Management
  • The website is managed by: Corporate Communications department of CDC Habitat, 100 – 104 Avenue de France, 75646 Paris cedex 13 – France
  • The website is hosted by OVH 2, rue Kellermann 59100 Roubaix – France

2. Declarations

Pursuant to French Law No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978, amended by French Law No. 2004-801 of 6 August 2004, the processing of personal data gathered from, and other websites with links to this website, are placed in an inventory that is maintained by the Data Protection Coordinator of CDC Habitat:

Christian VERNHES

125 Avenue de Lodève



3. Responsibility

Users gain access to via Internet-based communications networks. Users are deemed to be aware of and to accept the related risks. In particular, users recognise that information circulating or stored on the website may be intercepted or modified against the wishes of AMPERE Gestion.

Users are strongly recommended to take all necessary precautions against internet piracy, particularly by using securely protected computers and regularly updated virus detection software.

AMPERE Gestion cannot be held liable in the event of infection of users’ computer equipment either during or after browsing on its Internet websites.

Neither can AMPERE Gestion be held liable for any misuse of information or services by users.

AMPERE Gestion shall strive to ensure the accuracy of all information presented on its website, however, it is expressly stipulated that processed data may contain technical inaccuracies or spelling errors.

AMPERE Gestion can in no way be held liable for any errors on its website or for the completeness of data processed, nor for any unavailable information.

Users recognise that AMPERE Gestion reserves the right to amend, or to temporarily or permanently suspend all or part of its website without prior notice.

AMPERE Gestion cannot be held liable for any temporary unavailability of its website, particularly in the event of maintenance of the website or host server, or technical incident or, more generally, any external event outside of its control.

 4. Personal data

Pursuant to Article 27 of French Law No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978, users are hereby informed that any personal data that they supply, notably by completing and submitting forms on the website, may be transmitted to AMPERE Gestion and its partners.

Users are hereby informed that they have the right to access, rectify, edit or delete their personal data by writing to the following address:

Website users must comply with the French law on information technology, files and individual freedom, breach of which is liable to criminal prosecution.

In particular, users must refrain from collecting or misusing any personal data that they have been able to access, and from any action likely to harm privacy or personal reputations.

5. Intellectual property rights

This website and all of its components (programmes, data, text, images, sound clips, drawings, graphics, etc.) are protected by intellectual property law, notably, copyright and trademark rights.

Copying, reproduction, adaptation or circulation of part or all of this website by any means, or via any media whatsoever is unlawful unless the prior written consent of the website publication manager has been sought and obtained.

Users may consult, download and print available documents and data under the following conditions:

  • said documents shall be for personal use and information purposes in a strictly private context, pursuant to Article L122–5- 2° of the French Intellectual Property Code (CPI),
  • said documents and information shall not be modified in any way whatsoever,
  • said documents and information shall not be circulated beyond the website.

Users’ rights consist of simple permission to use the website and in no way include the transfer of any intellectual property rights relating to the different elements of the site.

Any unauthorised use of the website content or information, particularly its use for commercial purposes, shall be liable to prosecution by the right-holders for infringement and/or unfair competition and/or “free-riding”.

6. Hypertext links

Hypertext links from this website to other web-based resources, particularly to partners of AMPERE Gestion or CDC Habitat, are clearly identified and have been subject to prior authorisation from the external sites linked.

AMPERE Gestion undertakes to remove these links upon simple request by the entities concerned.

Users recognise that AMPERE Gestion is not responsible for the content of websites accessed via hypertext links.

Under no circumstances will AMPERE Gestion allow all or part of this website to be incorporated into another website in any form whatsoever.

AMPERE Gestion must be informed before any hypertext links are inserted directing users to this website and it reserves the right to have such links removed at any time.

7. Cookies

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What is a cookie?

How do we use cookies?

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How do these cookies help visitors?

Using cookies, websites are able to customise users’ on-line experience and simplify interaction.

How can you control cookies?

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8. Credits

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