AMPERE Gestion’s CSR

AMPERE Gestion, like all CDC Habitat entities, has devised an ambitious Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy that is regularly subjected to independent evaluation. Moreover, all of its initiatives meet public interest criteria and have a social utility component.


An innovative and proactive CSR policy


CDC Habitat’s CSR focuses are incorporated into its investment and fund management strategy.

Consequently, intermediate housing provides a pragmatic solution to current challenges by:

  • Social and societal imperatives

Both of the dedicated intermediate housing funds set up and managed by AMPERE Gestion provide an innovative means of boosting production. The resulting intermediate housing aims to meet the specific needs of those households who have been shut out of the housing market in major cities by spiralling rents but cannot find accommodation in social housing.

  • Environmental imperatives

AMPERE Gestion devises especially rigorous environmental objectives as part of the investment and portfolio management strategy for each fund that it manages.

These objectives are subsequently tracked over time in line with quantified indicators and reports are provided to investors on a regular basis.

  • Consequently, intermediate housing provides a pragmatic solution to current challenges by:

– boosting the middle-class housing offering in places as near as possible to employment pools,
– offering new housing that complies with the latest environmental regulations at 10% to 15% below market rents,
– favouring social diversity and easing pressure on social housing,
– paving the way for urban renewal and sustainable development.


Measurable commitments


AMPERE Gestion’s CSR processes were audited by Vigeo in 2015. To assess the relevance and effectiveness of the processes, four criteria were measured: the quality of customer relations, fair practices, governance and working relations and conditions.


Vigeo’s report indicates high levels of performance as well as conclusive or very significant control over all of AMPERE Gestion’s business risk factors that are deemed of “very high importance”.


Core principles


AMPERE Gestion’s different initiatives have several things in common:

  • They help serve the public-interest missions of CDC Habitat and Caisse des Dépôts, notably in terms of economic growth, balanced regional development and respect for the environment.
  • Take innovation as an example:
    • the intermediate housing investment fund, Fonds Logement Intermédiaire (FLI), has developed a new mechanism to tempt institutional investors back into the residential housing market;
    • as part of its second housing investment fund, AMPERE Gestion has entered into a €500 million lending arrangement with the European Investment Bank (EIB). This is one the biggest initiatives of the European Fund for Strategic Investments (also known as the “Juncker Plan”) and the first in the real estate sector;
    • in 2016, AMPERE Gestion began preparing a major issue of social impact bonds to deal with the crisis in emergency accommodation.
  • They seek out economic efficiency, an attractive return for investors, social performance for all project stakeholders, and good environmental performance for all premises either built or added to the portfolio.
  AMPERE Gestion’s socially responsible investment policy